We Are LA celebrates and engages the children and families in Los Angeles through music. Proceeds to We Are LA support nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles investing in the lives of children and families and making a difference in our community.

Los Angeles County has the population larger than 42 states, an economy larger than most countries and are great exporters of philanthropy to other states and countries. Nearly 1 million people in Los Angeles are living in poverty and tragically only about 12 percent of 9th graders go on to earn a college degree. We Are LA Family Festival is about giving back to the community where we live, where our kids go to school, that provides us with beaches, movies, diverse cultural opportunities and warm sunshine year-round.  Support We Are LA Family Festival and celebrate the Los Angeles Community.

The formation of We Are LA came from the demands to support the tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations across Los Angeles, while lessening the competition for donors and resources, to create a collaborative platform where community supporters could enjoy a day of music, fun with friends and family, and give back to the community. After all, WE ARE LA.